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Gardening Harvests over the Summer

While the kids have been away and Covid-19 takes away most of our day's thoughts,  we all look to different things to keep us busy.  For us at Mt. Lehman,  it's gardening!

With the help of Mrs. Smid, Mrs. Brown, Mr. Chan, and a few student helpers, we have been able to get a good crop of edible plants on the go for the summer for anyone in our community to harvest when it's ready. 

Beside the Greenhouse we have:

- Romaine Lettuce, Butterhead Lettuce, Kale, Arugula (ready around July)

- Old German, Pink and Purple bumblebee, Indigo Rose, Cherry, and an assortment of other small tomatoes (Ready in mid/late August)

- Everbearing strawberries (they are ready now and all summer)

In the Front Garden Boxes (on Mt. Lehman Road): Please use the garden hose to water the plants --thanks!

- Oregano, Parsley, Green onion, Thyme & Garlic Chives (ready for harvesting)

- Green Onions, Rosemary, Dill, Basil (transplanting in mid June)

- Carrots, beets and radishes (ready in September)

Over the summer, please come use the playgrounds, eat a few strawberries, and take home some lettuce, tomatoes and herbs for dinner.  Enjoy, and share with your friends!

Mr. Chan, Mt. Lehman Staff & Students

Current until: Sunday, August 30th, 2020
Posted: Friday, June 5th, 2020