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Summer Safety - Learn to Ride & the Rules of the Road

Now that summer is almost here (and hopefully the good weather as well!), more and more people are out on their bicycles.  BikeHub BC is offering free online instruction for students ages 9-12 who would benefit from learning the rules of the road.

Learn2Ride Online is a free web based online course that helps youth ages 9-12 yrs learn about basic cycling safety.  This online course is based on HUB Cycling’s Learn2Ride program (PDF) , a school based in-person course that has been completed by over 25,000 Metro Vancouver students.  With in-school learning looking very different in 2020, Learn2Ride online helps families learn skills to cycle safely and confidently around your neighbourhood.  

Learn2Ride Online is a web-based course hosted on the popular education platform, Moodle. The course has been developed in collaboration with TransLink and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Designed for those 9-12 years old, it covers:

Parts of the Bicycle 
ABC Quick Check
Locking a Bicycle 
Helmet and Safety Gear
ABCs of Bike Safety: Awareness, Behaviour & Communication

It can be completed at home, at any time, from any computer or device with an internet connection.  The content has been kept straightforward and interactive in hopes of being a self-guided resource for young cyclists. Think: a Spot the Differences game teaching bike safety gear, and a Memory Game for road signs. It has been designed with a Grade 4-5 audience in mind, although we believe it could extend to older audiences up to Grade 7 and other beginner riders.

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Current until: Saturday, August 15th, 2020
Posted: Tuesday, June 9th, 2020