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News: Thursday, September 10th, 2020

Daily Student Health Survey - Mt. Lehman Elementary

Hi Parents/Caregivers of Mt. Lehman Students
Attached is the Daily Health checklist form for students, one of the many protocols and procedures in place to help us maintain a safe school environment.  In order for this to work successfully, we need our parents/caregivers to commit to completing this form for your child EACH DAY for each child at Mt. Lehman.  It is okay to put multiple children names on a single form (eg. if you have three children attending, you won't have to complete it three times every day).  Scan the QR code below, or alternately, copy and paste the link below:

Just a reminder that we need your patience and cooperation to keep all our kids safe.  If your child comes to school without having completed the daily health form, you can expect a call from our office by 10 am. If we are unable to contact you, and especially if your child presents with any covid-19 related symptoms, your child may be isolated and / or be required to go home.  Yes, very inconvenient--but as I keep getting reminded, SAFETY comes first.
Thanks in advance for doing your part to keep our kids in school, and keeping us all safe.

Warm Regards
Abby Chan, Principal
Mt. Lehman Elementary School