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Neufeldt Farm Orders - Order Deadline - Tuesday, Nov. 3/20

Hot Lunch Dates for 2020-21 (Cancelled)

All hot lunch orders must be paid at the time of ordering, via the Munchalunch system.  See link below to register.  We are no longer able to accept cash or cheques.  

Orders can be placed all at once (for all of the lunch that are open in the session) or individually, as long as they are entered and paid for before the cut-off date (typically 1 week before the Hot Lunch Date).  It is typically easier to order all of the lunches together but if you would prefer to order them one at a time, you may do so however reminders will not be sent out for eash closing date so make sure to mark them on your calendar.  If you need assistance with ordering, please contact Neely McGovern (