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Hot Lunch:

Our PAC operated Hot Lunch Program through Munchalunch is starting up again!  Please see the attached Hot Lunch Welcome Sheet with information regarding registration and putting in your student(s) order(s).

Our next hot lunch is December 9th.

2021/22  Parent Advisory Council Executive

  • PAC Chairperson                 Melissa Markle
  • PAC Vice Chairperson         Tara MacDonell
  • Treasurer                              Jen Thomas
  • Secretary                              Kyla Angell
  • Fundraising                          Jen Noske
  • Kitchen/Hot Lunch Chair   Neely McGovern

Next PAC Meetings is January 6 @ 7pm

Typically we use the PAC FaceBook page to communicate with parents, so if you haven’t already, please join us there -

We will also send out occasional updates via the school website so if you are not on FB, don’t worry!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out - mtlehmanpac [at] 

Mt Lehman Alumni Page

If you are a Mt. Lehman Alumni or a parent of a Mt. Lehman Alumni, we want to keep you in touch with our community!

Copy & paste the Facebook Link to follow us:


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