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Blog: Monday, January 18th, 2021

For All that 2020 was Worth...

Normally a New Year brings resolutions I can declare, and hope that I might achieve about a third of them. But for all that 2020 was worth, I was glad to have finished it, and I don’t want very much of it back. Ever. It wasn’t the events of 2020, as much as what it made me feel like that makes the previous 365 days…a year worth forgetting.

Recalling all things I have ever experienced, 2020 was like…

-eating the last grape, and finding out it was SOUR

-running a half marathon (that’s 21 km) and getting major leg cramps for the last two km

-being the first car to get left behind as you watch the guy ahead of you drive onto the ferry.

-Getting a flat tire on my bike—three times in the same hour

-Taking two hours to make some incredible sandwiches, only to find out they were given away before you got to taste it

-Stopping the car, because you KNOW you are lost

-Seeing the Oscar Meyer Weiner Car (yes, they exist!), and losing it in traffic

Now that I have that off my chest, I CHOOSE not to continue dwelling on the negative, because we don’t want to be like Eeyore the donkey (from Winnie the Pooh), and resilience is about persevering through adversity.  And besides, good leadership demands that we get everyone through this.  So let’s look at personal milestones that make us smile…

-Finishing a 300 km bike ride

-Watching my baby girl eat ice cream for the FIRST time.

-Eating a bowl of chili with a two year old

-Climbing a mountain I waited 15 years to climb, with my son.

-Being the LAST car to get on the ferry before it leaves.

-Finding a gas station in the middle of nowhere, in a foreign country, when you’re almost out of gas

-Catching my first surfing wave of the year

-Finding the Oscar Meyer Weiner car two weeks later with the kids in the car

-Any seafood pasta dish

-Skating on Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park

-Reading…just for fun. we come!