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Registration Grade 1-5

Registration for grades 1-5 commences the first week of February each year.

Registration Process

1. Use our School Locator to determine where your neighbourhood school is located.
2. Fill out a Registration application form :  You can complete and email to our school or
  submit in person to our school office.  Please include copies of all required documents when emailing to the school.

Out of Catchment forms will need to be completed and signed by your in-catchment school Principal.  

Documents Required for Registering

Proof of age of the child by birth certificate is required for all new student registrations (schools will make a photo copy). To ensure the child being registered qualifies for Ministry of Education funding, the biological parents/legal guardians’ status and the biological parents/legal guardians’ residency need to be established. Schools may register the child providing the following are established:

1. At least one biological parent/legal guardian is a Canadian Citizen by birth or naturalized (obtained citizenship) and they can support this with the following pieces of identification:

  • Parent’s Canadian Citizenship Card;
  • Parent’s Canadian Birth Certificate; and
  • Parent’s Canadian Passport.

2. The biological parent/legal guardian must provide proof of residency, and provide at least ONE of the following:

  • Utility bill
  • Mortgage document
  • Property Sale Agreement
  • Property Tax Notice/Assessment
  • Rental or Lease Agreement

3. In addition, at least ONE of the following documents containing the name and address of the parent/guardian is required:

  • Child Tax Statement
  • Government Notice of Assessment
  • Current Year T4
  • Government document (eg. MSP bill)

4. Notification if the child has attended school in the Abbotsford School District in the past OR is coming from another school district OR if there is a sibling who has already been attending school in the school district.

5. You will also need to provide your child's CareCard (if not enrolled in MSP, please provide private medical insurance documents for field trip purposes)

6. If applicable, please provide a copy of your child's Immunization Record

Only complete packages, with all required documents listed above, including both pieces of proof of residency will be eligible for registration.

Not a Canadian Citizen?

Parents with temporary resident status such as work permits, study permits, and refugee claimants can submit their funding eligiblity application through
Once the submitted documents are assessed and approved by our International Department for ministry funding eligibility, you will receive an email notification to contact your catchment school to complete the registration process.

Parents who are permanent residents need to contact the SWIS Program at Archway Community Services prior to registering at your catchment school. Please contact

Check out our district site for more information.

Families New to Canada

Need More Information?

Check out our district site, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our school office at 604-856-5083