School Cash online with backpack School Cash online with backpack

School Fees

With SchoolCash Online, Caregivers have the convenient and secure option of paying for school items using their credit card or chequing account, 24/7. You can pay for school items such as field trips, club/athletic fees and spirit wear. It will save you time too!

*Please note that SchoolCashOnline is for school fees only, not PAC fundraisers!
Please register to access online payments. It takes less than five minutes. Registered parents/guardians can see their payment history, print receipts and receive email notifications whenever new student fees are posted for their child.


SchoolCash Online limits the number of cash/cheques handled in schools, reduces paperwork, and results in more focused instructional time in the classroom. This program adds improved efficiency and transparency in school fee management and aligns with the district’s commitment to strengthening accounting practices. All information is stored on a confidential basis on a server in Canada.
If you have any questions during the registration process or while shopping online, please contact our school.