Our Hot Lunch Program is through Munchalunch.  

Hot Lunch Dates:  May 31, June 6, June 25(Sports day)


Orders close 5 days before the lunch date but if you can, order for all of them now and then you won’t forget and don’t need to worry about deadlines 😂


2023/24 Parent Advisory Council Executive

  • PAC Chairperson                  Melissa Markle
  • PAC Vice Chairperson          Jen Noske
  • Treasurer                              Abeba Gidey
  • Secretary                              Koty Kliever
  • Fundraising                          Jen Thomas
  • Kitchen/Hot Lunch Chair     Kyla Angell


Typically we use the PAC FaceBook page to communicate with parents, so if you haven’t already, please join us there -

We will also send out occasional updates via the school website so if you are not on FB, don’t worry!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out - 


Mt Lehman Alumni Page

If you are a Mt. Lehman Alumni or a parent of a Mt. Lehman Alumni, we want to keep you in touch with our community!

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