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Blog: Friday, September 10th, 2021

Principal's Message - September 10

Principal’s Message 
     What a fabulous start to the school year!  Mt. Lehman is absolutely a positive and exciting place to be.  So much has happened in the last few days and I would love to share with you some of the highlights.  We have installed the Gaga pit! Gaga ball is a game that is a lot like dodgeball, but it is confined in a circular space.  The kids are loving it! 
     I had the opportunity to teach your children in gym class and they are fabulous!  What great kids. After school sports has resumed and the first sport is Cross Country running for grades 4 and 5.  I hope to see students participate in the afterschool running on September 21, 28, and October 5th.      
     The Fall Fair is up and coming and is in full swing of production.  I look forward to this long-standing traditional community event.  
         All safety measures will be followed, as I am advised by the district.  It is super important to me that students and staff are safe while at school.  It is important that all adults and students in Mr. Chiappetta’s class and Mr. McAuley’s class follow the provincial health and safety regulations of wearing a mask.  If your children have an issue with wearing a mask for whatever reason, please consult with your child’s classroom teacher so they are aware of your child’s circumstances, or you may book an appointment with me. 
Maralee Lincoln